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Very few businesses know the actual cost of their print environment, from equipment to maintenance, repairs, paper, ink, toner, software, and security. SymQuest helps businesses throughout Maine, New Hampshire, New York, and Vermont uncover security concerns and provides data-driven recommendations and consolidation opportunities.

How it Works

With a Print Assessment from SymQuest, discover how to optimize your organization’s document processes to increase efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and decrease costs. With each Print Assessment, we provide a full report on the following areas:


Document Costs

Know your true print-related spend so you can take steps to control costs


Printer & Copier Fleet

Assess the setup of all printers and devices to identify inefficiencies.


Print Environment Score

Receive an overall preliminary score to provide a benchmark for improvements.

Cost-Saving & Productivity Plan

Cost-Saving & Productivity Plan

Our experts create an actionable plan specific to your business to drive cost-savings, productivity, and efficiency.

Benefits of Managed Print Services

A print assessment is a process where an organization reviews its printing infrastructure and determines ways to optimize and streamline the process. The benefits of managed print assessments include the following items.

Cost Saving

Organizations can identify areas where they can reduce printing costs, such as reducing wasteful printing and eliminating unnecessary equipment, increasing efficiency by streamlining processes and improving workflow.

Improved Efficiency

Identify weaknesses and bottlenecks in your printing process, which can then be fixed to reduce downtime and increase productivity, leading to better customer service and a higher quality product or service overall.


Reduce the amount of paper used for printing which saves resources and reduces pollution from manufacturing new products, while identifying more energy-efficient printers and printing systems that save energy and lower energy costs.

Ready to put the costly and inefficient print days in the past?